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Reset or Change Snapchat Username and Password without Losing Old Account

Snapchat is a mobile application that was introduced by Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel in September 2011 but later it gave access to Android and iPhone users as well. It is a multitasking application that provides messenger and camera with various frames, it comes in 22 different languages for the ease of its users. Snapchat allows photo sharing and video chat and supported by Android and iOS. Snapchat has become popular as a social media app that entertains users interacting through virtual stickers and putting stories for a day. On snapchat multimedia messages are specified as snaps, and these snaps can be shared as stories with privacy that all can see your story. You can search anyone on snapchat through their username or mobile number. 

After that, Snapchat has been promoted in the market for its features, it has made various changes according to the user’s needs and interests like virtual frames, lenses, stickers, filters to entertain their users and to cut out boredom in order to not lose their users. Snapchat messenger is found more as conversational rather than transactional as compared to other social media apps with messenger because it allows users to share their snaps using its tools and that is something unique and interesting which makes users keep using this application. Snapchat usually reshapes the facial structure that adds charm to our looks and offers us the filtered look. Snapchat asks the individual to create an account for free to get access to its features. People who use Snapchat regularly, generally wonder how to change Snapchat password or how to change Snapchat usernames on the same account.

How to Change Snapchat Username

When you install Snapchat and create an account there you will be asked to select a username, it happens sometimes one mistakenly choose the wrong username or later on user wants to change the Snapchat’s username but unable to do so and wonder how to change Snapchat username then don’t panic you can change it easily by following the below-given steps.

Steps to change Snapchat username-

  • Open your Snapchat account
  • Select Bitmoji and visit your profile
  • Now, tap on the gear icon
  • Switch to the name field
  • Enter your full name 
  • Press SAVE

These steps will make sure that now on your new name will be visible to your contact rather than your username. Hope this method satisfied you and you have successfully changed your name to enjoy running your account with the new name. Regular users generally face one or more problems with the service and look after their solution, below mentioned are some other Snapchat issues which users usually deal with.

How to change snapchat username

How to Change Snapchat Password

how to change snapchat password

Password is something that holds all the data and media restricted to your account in order to keep it secure. That is the reason why users are asked to change passwords timely to keep your account strong. Snapchat has many alluring features along with password recovery for the ease of users so that they face no issues regarding the safety of their Snapchat account. Users change passwords due to different reasons like if they find someone else accessing their account, their password is weak, their password has gone viral or it common situations hard to remember that someone else is accessing their account s hard to remember the current password. 

These are some common situations when user wonders how to change Snapchat password. Need not to worry you are at the right place here you will get to know the method of Snapchat password change. Below are some easy steps that one can follow if unable to resolve the “Snapchat password change” issue.

Steps to Change Snapchat Password-

  • First, open your Snapchat account
  • Enter Menu bar
  • Now, tap on settings
  • Click on “Password”
  • Password recovery page will appear on the screen
  • Type the old password
  • Now, enter the new password, type it again to confirm
  • Log in again with your new password to check whether it has changed

Hope, you got the expected result and able to perform Snapchat password change method successfully with the help of the above-given steps. 

Change Snapchat Password and Username on iPhone

change snapchat password and username on iphone

As we know Snapchat is supported by all Android, Computer, and iPhone and there are all types of users who face the same issue on their devices respectively. Though the issue is the same but not the solution because of the difference in their settings. Don’t worry it is not a big deal to solve these issues in spite of their different settings if you are an iPhone user and wonder how to change Snapchat password and how to change Snapchat username on iPhone.

Steps to Change Snapchat Username on iPhone-

  • Tap on Snapchat
  • Enter your Snapchat profile
  • Go to settings 
  • Press on Log out
  • Now, click on Snapchat icon 
  • Tap on the “Sign up” option
  • Now, sign up with a new email address

As you have submitted a different email address so you can choose the new username Doing this can help you change the Snapchat username on iPhone but if you are looking for a method to change Snapchat password on iPhone then you can follow the below-cited order.

Steps to Reset/Change Snapchat Password on iPhone-

  • Click on Snapchat icon 
  • Type correct id password to log in your Snapchat account
  • Go to the settings
  • Tap on “My Account” and click on “Password” in the menu bar 
  • Type the old password
  • Press Continue
  • Type a strong and new password twice, to verify 
  • Press SAVE to continue

Changing a password is a good option to keep your account strong and secure. Snapchat is a popular social media website that runs freely on all the devices in order to serve all types of users whether it be a computer, iOS or Android. So if PC users face any sort of an error regarding Snapchat like how to change snapchat username or how to change snapchat password on computer then they can fix these issues following the below-mentioned steps.

Change Snapchat Password on PC

You might be wondering to change Snapchat password on your system as you are a regular user and concerned in terms of privacy. Well changing password timely help make any account secure plus strong so that no one can run your account and data remains safe. Well without wasting any time you can directly perform the given method to change Snapchat password on PC.

Steps to Change Snapchat Password on Computer-

  • Open the browser and browse for Snapchat login page
  • Log in your account by entering accurate account details
  • Type captcha if displayed
  • Open Settings>Change Password
  • Submit your old password
  • Enter a new password, type it again, for verification
  • Press “Change Password” to continue
  • Try log in your Snapchat account with the new password, to check 

These steps are short and simple to help the user change Snapchat password on computer easily. Now if you got stuck and don’t know how to change Snapchat email or phone number then alright here are some very easy points which will lead you to the solution to your problem.

Reset/change Snapchat email 

  • First, log in your Snapchat account
  • Go to settings and select “Email” from the menu bar
  • Click on your email address
  • Type the new email address in the text field 
  • Press Continue
  • Type the Password
  • Again, Press Continue after verifying the changes 
  • Press SAVE to continue

Steps to Change Snapchat Phone Number-

  • Open your Snapchat account
  • Enter settings and select “Mobile Number” in the menu list
  • Tap on your previous registered number
  • Enter a new phone number
  • Now, submit the authentication code you received on your new number in the text field
  • Press on the BACK cursor displayed on the screen
  • Done 

 Hope, now you are not facing any problem regarding Snapchat change password, change Snapchat email or phone number and successfully resolved your issues following them. In case you are not able to resolve any of the above-listed issues or you face any issue regarding Snapchat then you just need to contact Snapchat support team for an easy and quick solution to your problem.

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